Undergraduate Student Profiles

Chloe Baratta


Bioengineering, BS ’20
Carbondale, IL

Favorite course: BIOE 310! (Biological Systems Analysis with Professor Linninger)

Project you’re the proudest of: In BIOE 250, my team and I proposed a cheap, efficient, in-home translation of existing light therapy research into a handheld device for near-eradication of unhealthy bacteria and fungi in the mouth. Over five weeks, our project underwent countless design iterations. It really emphasized the necessity of process over product.

Industry person you admire: Luke Osborn, Johns Hopkins PhD candidate, for his work in developing electronic skin for use on prosthetics to provide sensory feedback to users that recreate sensations of pain and touch.

How do you get around? The Blue Line and I are in a domestic partnership.

Vish Vijayakumar


Bioengineering, BS ’20
Peoria, IL, and Chennai, India

Why UIC?
Because the professors at UIC Engineering are highly committed to tackling worldwide problems and are engaged in cutting-edge research with top hospitals and other institutions in Chicago.

Favorite thing about the bioengineering department: Senior Design Project. You get to show off all the skills you acquired through a project that results in a culmination of your undergraduate experience.

Coolest other department at UIC: Math

Student organizations: Illinois Heart Rescue, providing CPR training in Latinx communities in Chicago; Society of Future Physicians

Internships: JUMP Trading and Simulation (Peoria), Shirley Ryan AbilityLab (Chicago)

Oluwakemi Oyedokun


Bioengineering ’21
Chicago, IL

On becoming an engineer: I have always loved to learn how to formulate objects and manipulate them to perform up to a certain outcome or expectation. I would explore items around the house and observe and tinker with the way they work. My explorations sometimes turn certain spots in the house into a mess, but these are my most treasured experiences that helped to nurture my love for the engineering field.

UIC advantage: I cannot stress enough how important it is to me that UIC is diverse. To be able to look into every field and find at least three people that look like you is a comforting feeling. UIC is not only diverse in ethnicity and race, but also in ideas and ways of thinking. There are also people who have a cause that they care so passionately about, and they are not afraid to show it and do something about it. These are what UIC does better than anywhere else.

Post-graduation plans: Because I am in the Guaranteed Professional Program Admissions honors program, after graduation I am hoping to embark on earning my graduate degree in bioengineering at UIC.

Favorite place in Chicago: Chinatown. I love to visit the different restaurants and enjoy the night walks as well.

Joshua Sun

student Joshua Sun

Bioengineering, BS ’21
Palatine, IL

Dream job: Astrobiologist

Internship: Medical University of South Carolina, Department of Radiology. My time spent at MUSC helped me to decide that I want to study neural engineering.

Why would you recommend the College of Engineering to others?
There are plenty of resources that will help you succeed along the way.

UIC in one word: Inclusiveness

Anna Metlushko


Bioengineering, BS ’20
Naperville, IL

On engineering school in a big city: Because UIC is located in Chicago, we have greater access to different engineering companies and areas of research. There are always speakers coming from different universities and companies to talk about their careers.

Favorite course: CME 260 Properties of Materials

Internship: Argonne National Laboratory, working on Atomic Layer Deposition in their clean room; Dr. Michael Stroscio’s Nanoengineering Research Lab, focusing on quantum dot bio-sensors

Next goal after this program: a PhD in nanoengineering or materials engineering

What’s the greatest advantage of UIC Engineering?
It allows students to learn new technical skills. I never used any coding before starting college. Now, I can use it for several classes.

Naima Muckom

student Naima Muckom

Bioengineering, BS ’20
Elgin, IL

Why UIC?
It is close to home and offers cell and tissue engineering as a concentration, which not many other schools in the area have. It’s also located in the heart of Chicago, so there are many opportunities nearby.

Internships: Shirley Ryan AbilityLab

Career goal: Neurologist (medical school is up next!)

Most challenging project to date?
During my internship at the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab, I was able to program a Raspberry Pi to collect arm motion data using an accelerometer and send the data to a computer over a network. I had no experience coding in Python or using a Raspberry Pi, and I had no background in circuits when I started the project. But my mentors at the lab were very helpful, and having experience working with Arduino in BIOE 101 helped, too.