Undergraduate Student Profiles

Annabelle Moore

student Annabelle Moore

Bioengineering, BS ’22
Winnebago, IL

Student activities: Women’s Club Rugby (treasurer), Peer Health Exchange, Engineering World Health

Why UIC? I chose to attend UIC because of the close relationship between the bioengineering department and the College of Medicine. Going to a school with an associated medical campus grants a lot of opportunities for hands-on applications of what we learn in class. 

Snapshots from class: In my first bioengineering class, BIOE 101, I built and designed a motorized game of mouse trap. In my BIOE 250 class—Clinical Problems in Bioengineering—we had to come up with a new method to quantify the disease state of ulcerative colitis.

Engineering industry figure you admire: William F. House. He was the inventor of the first cochlear implants.

Words of wisdom: Consistently sleeping eight hours a night will change your life.

Oluwakemi Oyedokun

Oluwakemi Oyedokun

Bioengineering ’21
Chicago, IL

On becoming an engineer: I have always loved to learn how to formulate objects and manipulate them to perform up to a certain outcome or expectation. I would explore items around the house and observe and tinker with the way they work. My explorations sometimes turn certain spots in the house into a mess, but these are my most treasured experiences that helped to nurture my love for the engineering field.

UIC advantage: I cannot stress enough how important it is to me that UIC is diverse. To be able to look into every field and find at least three people that look like you is a comforting feeling. UIC is not only diverse in ethnicity and race, but also in ideas and ways of thinking. There are also people who have a cause that they care so passionately about, and they are not afraid to show it and do something about it. These are what UIC does better than anywhere else.

Post-graduation plans: Because I am in the Guaranteed Professional Program Admissions honors program, after graduation I am hoping to embark on earning my graduate degree in bioengineering at UIC.

Favorite place in Chicago: Chinatown. I love to visit the different restaurants and enjoy the night walks as well.

Joshua Sun

student Joshua Sun

Bioengineering, BS ’21
Palatine, IL

Dream job: Astrobiologist

Internship: Medical University of South Carolina, Department of Radiology. My time spent at MUSC helped me to decide that I want to study neural engineering.

Why would you recommend the College of Engineering to others? There are plenty of resources that will help you succeed along the way.

UIC in one word: Inclusiveness

Allison Bayro

student Allison Bayro

Bioengineering, BS ’20
Des Plaines, IL

Best thing about UIC Bioengineering: The Clinical Immersion Program offered during the summer before Senior Design. This internship provides an opportunity for bioengineering students to apply knowledge from an academic setting in a clinical environment. It’s an excellent platform for uniting the development of medical devices and the commitment to improving the quality of life of individuals.

Tips on future planning: The College of Engineering does a fantastic job of setting students up for success post-graduation through career resources, job fairs, and the Guaranteed Paid Internship Program.

Student activities: Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society (vice president), Society of Future Physicians, Golden Key International Honor Society, Future Leaders Program, Alpha Eta Mu Beta

Most valuable student club experience: My role in the Society of Future Physicians provides great opportunities to shadow and network with physicians.

Melissa Lopez


Bioengineering, BS ’21 | Chicago, IL

Why did you choose UIC College of Engineering? I want to contribute to the development of medicine and medical devices that can improve the lives of people everywhere.

Favorite course: BIOE 410 FDA and ISO Requirements for the Development and Manufacturing of Medical Devices

What is the most valuable student organization you’ve joined? BMES because I am currently working on developing a prosthetic arm with colleagues that will benefit a young boy named Drew.

Favorite restaurant in Chicago: Au Cheval because it’s such an culinary gem that isn’t expensive. Try the burger and the duck heart gravy (trust me).

Rohith Kanamarlapudi


Bioengineering, BS ’21 | Bloomington, IL

Why did you choose UIC? I chose UIC Engineering because of what the city and college has to offer me and because I wanted to go to a top notch engineering program in Illinois.

Favorite course: BIOE 240 Modeling Physiological and Data Systems, It is one of the foundations of Bioengineering where you learn programming.

Favorite thing about the department you’re majoring in: Professor Les Bogdanowicz 

Dream job: Designing prosthetics

Tommy Puttrich


Bioengineering, BS ’21 | Woodridge, IL

Name one thing you think UIC does better than anywhere else: It allows such a vast diversity of cultures and ideas to mix and collaborate.

Favorite thing about the department you’re majoring in: Definitely the professors who are able to make any material they talk about interesting, especially Salman Khetani and Les Bogdanowicz.

Engineering project/assignment you did that you’re most proud of: My current research in the MTM lab. I’m currently investigating the effects of a chemotherapy drug on a specific cancer cell type.

Favorite restaurant in Chicago: Jim’s Original. It has cheap and classic food.