Bioengineering Major

UIC bioengineering majors

A bioengineering major prepares you to work in the unique intersection where living systems and nonliving systems come together.

The natural world is an amazing, highly complex place that the bioengineering major will help you to understand. Perhaps equally amazing is the universe of approaches that human beings have identified—and are continuing to develop—to make our quality of life even better.

Studying bioengineering as an undergraduate at UIC will help you apply quantitative analysis and design to living systems and hybrid systems (which contain some living components). Many paths become open to you as a bioengineering major. Perhaps you want to become a bioengineer, designing smart replacements for tissue or bone, developing new tools for non-invasive medical imaging or diagnostics, or shaping molecules into revolutionary new drug therapies. Maybe you want to move on to medical school, dental school, graduate work in pharmacy, or law school with a focus on patent law.

No matter what part of bioengineering excites you the most, and whether you envision graduate school or industry work after graduation, the UIC bioengineering major will offer you solid preparation.

The bioengineering major is outlined in detail in the course catalog; the information below provides an overview.

Bioengineering Major Requirements

Bioengineering majors complete coursework in four categories:

Major Flowcharts

Bioengineering Concentrations

As explained above, concentrations allow you to define an area of focus for your bioengineering major. The department offers four concentrations, each of which requires that you complete a specific collection of courses. The concentration options are:

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To explore the bioengineering major in greater detail, here are some key resources:

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