Frequently Asked Questions

What are the degree requirements?

The degree requirements are the list of courses you must complete with passing grades, in order to earn the Bachelor of Science in Bioengineering at UIC. It is essentially the University’s contract with you.

Which degree requirements should I follow?

The degree requirements can be found in the undergraduate catalog. The undergraduate catalog is updated every year and the bioengineering degree requirements are updated every two years. It is essential that you look at the catalog version that was in place, in the semester you matriculated into the program. You can find links to the catalog from the Undergraduate Studies website or the University website.

What are Concentration Area Electives?

Concentration Area Electives are a short list of courses that you choose in consultation with your advisor. They are the most flexible part of the curriculum, and they are designed to make you as competitive as possible for whatever you’re going to do next, be it industry, professional school or graduate school.

How do I choose my Concentration Area Elective?

The concentration area elective should be chosen in close consultation with your academic advisor. It is the most flexible part of the curriculum, and it should be a choice to make yourself as competitive as possible for whatever you are going to do after UIC. The criteria can be found on the top of the Concentration Area Elective form, available in the Bioengineering office or from the Undergraduate Studies website. In general, a 300 or 400 level math, science or engineering course is accepted.

When do I submit my Concentration Area Elective form?

The Concentration Area Elective form should be submitted as soon as you know exactly which courses will be included on the form. In general, that is the semester before the semester when you intend to graduate. You do not have to have completed all of the courses listed on the form but you should be enrolled in them.

What is a curriculum flowchart?

The curriculum flowcharts, which are found on the Undergraduate Studies website, are a graphical representation of the degree requirements, but you have to remember to always refer to the undergraduate catalog for the most reliable information.

Which curriculum is my curriculum?

Your curriculum is the one that was in place in the semester in which you joined the Bioengineering program. It is important to follow the correct curriculum because the degree requirements update frequently.

Can I take a course without the listed prerequisite?

No, you should never take a course without the listed prerequisite. However, there are three exceptions. Please watch video to learn more.

Why should I do undergraduate research and how do I start?

Enrolling in undergraduate research or BIOE 398 is a good idea for at least three reasons: 1) You can earn credit towards your degree. Up to 3 hours of BIOE 398 can be counted towards your concentration area electives; research experience will give you something interesting to talk about at the interviews you have for positions after your Bioengineering degree; it can lead to an important letter of recommendation. Detailed instructions for becoming involved in undergraduate research can be found at the bottom of the Proposal for Undergraduate Research form available from the Undergraduate Studies website.