Photo of Kotche, Miiri

Miiri Kotche, PhD

Clinical Professor


Building & Room:

228 SEO


851 S Morgan St, MC 063, Chicago, IL 60607

Office Phone:

(312) 413-8641


Research Currently in Progress

Miiri's focus is on undergraduate education, leadingĀ FESP for engineering freshmen of all majors.FESP seeks to provide exposure to engineering project work early in their program. She runs an NIH-funded Bioengineering Clinical Immersion Program, for senior undergraduate students with an interest in medical product development. The immersion program provides an opportunity for students to understand how medical devices are used in the clinical environment by offering a paid summer internship in multiple medical environments, as well as coursework co-taught by engineering and design research faculty. MAD Lab, part of the UIC Innovation Center, uses an interdisciplinary approach to develop early medical device ideas into design concepts with technical and business viability.