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11/21 - Dr. Jie Liang, Professor at UIC Bioengineering, published a paper titled: Probabilistic control of HIV latency and transactivation by the Tat gene circuit

11/17 - Dr. Tolou Shokuhfar, Associate Professor at UIC Bioengineering, published a paper titled: Considerations for imaging thick, low contrast, and beam sensitive samples with liquid cell transmission electron microscopy

10/15 - Congratulations to Ramille Shah on receiving NIH R21 Grant.

10/12 - BiAffect App by Alex Leow story in Wall Street Journal.

9/12 - Professor Ian Papautsky developing Finger-Prick Blood Test for Toxic Metals.

9/6 - UIC ranked among top 10 ‘Best Value’ universities.

9/1 - Bioengineering Professor Ian Papautsky and collaborator Erin Haynes (U. Cincinnati) receive $1.7M NIH R33 Grant titled: "Validation and Demonstration of Point-of-Care Sensor for Multi-Metal Exposure Assessment".

8/24 - The UIC Engineering World Health (EWH) team won 2nd place in the EWH Design Competition for their design of a Hearing Test Device.

8/1 - Dr. Tolou Shokuhfar, Associate Professor at UIC Bioengineering, was accepted into Crain’s Leadership Academy

7/25 - Peter Larsen, adjunct faculty at BioE, published a paper titled: Modeling the Pseudomonas Sulfur Regulome by Quantifying the Storage and Communication of Information in mSystems, a journal of the American Society for Microbiology

7/20 - EMBS UIC Student Branch - Awarded 2018 Best New Student Chapter

7/13 - Martina Guidetti (Acoustics & Vibrations Laboratory), Yiming Lu, and Minhaj Alam (Biomedical Optics and Functional Imaging Laboratory) have received the CCTS Pre-doctoral Education for Clinical and Translational Scientists (PECTS) fellowship

7/12 - Congratulations to the following six Bioengineering PhD students who are recipients of the 2018-2019 NIH-funded UIC Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS) Pre-doctoral Education for Clinical and Translational Scientists (PECTS) Fellowship: Minhaj Alam, Martina Guidetti, Mohammed Khan, Daniel Lee, Yiming Lu and Michael Sun. As a PECTS trainee, they will be provided with full graduate student stipend for one year beginning August 16, 2018. They will also receive trainee-related expense support of $1000/yr for 2 years plus $1000 for travel to professional meetings/conferences (totaling $3000 over 2 years).

6/26 - BIOE Assistant Professor Tolou Shokuhfar, MIE Assistant Professor Sushant Anand, and MIE Professor Constantine Megaridis received a new National Science Foundation (NSF) award for their grant titled: "A Bottom-up Framework for the Nanoscale Origins of Ice Formation and Adhesion on Structured Surfaces"

6/08 - Researchers at the Biomedical Optics and Functional Imaging Laboratory published an article titled "Contact-free trans-pars-planar illumination enables snapshot fundus camera for nonmydriatic wide field photography" in Nature Scientific Reports

6/07 - Wei Tian received the Provost/Deiss Award for Graduate Research for their project "Study of Protein Pockets and Application in Computational Drug Design and Discovery"

5/31 - Associate Professors Tolou Shokuhfar (BioE) and Reza Shahbazian-Yassar (MIE) received a new NSF grant: EAGER: Touch and Kill: A New Mechanism for Engineered Nanomaterials to Fight Bacteria

5/31 - Associate Professor Salman Khetani with Greg Underhill from UIUC received a new NIH R01 grant: Elucidating chemo-mechanical determinants of human hepatocyte and stellate cell responses in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

5/30 - Ahmed Metwally, Bioinformatics Ph.D. student co-advised by Dr. Yang Dai and Dr. Perkins received the American Thoracic Society Conference Scholarship (ATS'18)

5/30 - Ahmed Metwally, Bioinformatics Ph.D. student co-advised by Dr. Yang Dai and Dr. Perkins received the NSF travel award for IEEE Conference on Biomedical and Health Informatics (IEEE BHI'18)

5/30 - Ahmed Metwally, Bioinformatics Ph.D. student co-advised by Dr. Yang Dai and Dr. Perkins received 2nd place poster award at UIC Bioengineering Symposium, 2018

5/30 - Ahmed Metwally, Bioinformatics Ph.D. student co-advised by Dr. Yang Dai and Dr. Perkins received an honorable mention at UIC College of Medicine Research Forum

5/25 - Xincheng Yao of Biomedical Optics and Functional Imaging Laboratory selected as University Scholar

5/22 - Tolou Shokuhfar of In-Situ Nanomedicine Laboratory publishes "The role of electron irradiation history in liquid cell transmission electron microscopy" in Science Magazine: Science Advances

5/20 - Tolou Shokuhfar received the 2018 UIC College of Engineering Teaching and Research Awards

5/7 - Postdoc Changgeng Liu of Biomedical Optics and Functional Imaging Laboratory featured at ARVO 2018

4/27 - East Meets West: Giving future doctors tools to design devices – with Miiri Kotche and Eric Schmidt

4/23 - Dr. Emre Firlar of Tolou Shokuhfar's In-Situ Nanomedicine Laboratory receives M&M Postdoctoral Scholar Award for 2018.

4/20 - Bioengineering Graduate Research Assistant and PhD candidate Shreya Ghosh receives Dean's Scholar Fellowship.

4/6 - Salman Khetani of MTM Lab receives Honoring Our Professors' Excellence (HOPE) award.

4/6 - Bioengineering undergraduate student Berenice Zarate of MTM Lab receives the Chancellor’s Undergraduate Research Award (CURA) for 2017-2018 academic year as well as the Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP, via UIC).

4/2 - Tolou Shokuhfar receives Ortho SIG’s Outstanding Abstract Award (faculty/industry) at the 2018 Society for Biomaterials Annual Conference.

2/19 - Salman Khetani with UIUC Greg Underhill receive $1.38M NIH R01 grant for "Elucidating chemo-mechanical determinants of human hepatocyte and stellate cell responses in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease" project.

2/12 - Tolou Shokuhfar co-author for "Sustained micellar delivery via inducible transitions in nanostructure morphology" in Nature Communications.

2/05 - Tolou Shokuhfar & Co-PI: Reza Shahbazian-Yassar (MIE), receive a $220K NSF grant for "EAGER: Touch and Kill: A New Mechanism for Engineered Nanomaterials to Fight Bacteria" project.

12/1 - Gamze Gursoy of Liang Lab, receives Annual Outstanding Thesis and Dissertation Award.
Shreyan Majumdar of Klatt Lab, receives Chancellor's Graduate Research Award.
Wei Tian of Liangr Lab, receives Provost/Deiss Award.

9/15 - Professor Urmila Diwekar, speaker at the Symposium on Global Sustainability at Academy of Hungary in Rome on September 19, 2017.

9/14 - Professor Urmila Diwekar, keynote speaker at 5th International summit on Medical Biology & Bioengineering, September 27-28, 2017 Chicago, USA.

9/11 - Shresta Patangay of Hetling Lab, honorable mention at 2017 Image Of Research Competition.

8/30 - Professor Andreas Linninger receives $297k 3-year NSF grant for “Computational platform for predictive magnetohydrodynamic drug targeting”.

8/29 - Reza Shahbazian-Yassar, Bioimaging PhD Student and Co-I Professor Tolou Shokuhfar receive $390k 3-year NSF Award for “Fundamental Understanding of Growth and Inhibition of Calcium Oxalate Kidney Stones”.

8/24 - Professor Salman Khetani receives $300k over a 3-year period NSF grant for “Collaborative Research: High-throughput microliver platform for drug toxicity screening”. This is a collaborative grant with Assistant Professor David Wood of the University of Minnesota Department of Biomedical Engineering.

8/23 - Professor Jie Liang and Co-I Amy Kenter, PhD of the UIC Department of Microbiology and Immunology in the UIC College of Medicine, receive $420k 2-year NIH R21 grant for “Constructing Ensembles of 3D Structures of Igh Locus and Predicting Novel Chromosomal Interactions.”

8/04 - Professor Andreas Linninger and Co-PI Ali Alaraj, MD of the UIC Department of Neurosurgery, receive $420k 2-year NIH R21 for “A vascular tree topology inspired platform to compute intracranial blood flow (tree CFD).”

6/30 - Associate Professor Ao Ma receives $405k 3-year NSF grant for “Conformational dynamics, reaction coordinates, and time scale separation in biomolecular systems from the perspective of energy flows.”

6/08 - Associate Professor David Eddington receives $416k 2-year NIH R21 grant for “Confined Genetic Transformation and Exchange of Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Femtoliter Microdroplets.”

5/25 - Ahmed Metwally, Bioinformatics PhD student of Yang Dai lab, wins 2nd place for poster "Microbiome Dynamics as Predictors of Lung Transplant Rejection" at Great Lakes Bioinformatics Conference (GLBIO'17) and Scientific Excellence Award for 1st place poster at UIC Department of Medicine Scholarly Activities Day

5/22 - Ahmed Metwally, Bioinformatics PhD student co-advised by Dr. Dai and Dr. Perkins received a CCTS Pre-doctoral Education for Clinical and Translational Scientists (PECTS) Fellowship

5/17 - East Meets West: Engineering, dentistry collaboration leads to new biomaterials

5/16 - App that tracks bipolar manic, depressive episodes wins award

4/12 - Clinical Associate Professor Miiri Kotche receives Fulbright to study in Finland

4/1 - Nicholas Marjanovic, Kevin Kerr, Ricardo Aranda & Hananeh Esmailbeigi, the BMES Tongue-Computer Interface project team, awarded VentureWell E-Team Program grant

3/14 - UIC bioengineering student awarded "Gates Cambridge Scholarship"

2/28 - Engineering World Health team achieves official Performance Certification for Laminar Airflow Equipment from LabMetrics, Inc.

2/21 - Peter Nelson and Alex Leow lead a team that developed an app called BiAffect, ­which can monitor mobile device usage to predict manic and depressive moods in people diagnosed with bipolar disorder

2/16 - Sarita Deshpande of Bioengineering Department named "Gates Cambridge Scholars"

2/14 - Vidyani Suryadevara and Shreya Ghosh receive Fall 2016 Chancellor's Graduate Research Award

2/13 - Article "Room temperature TiO2 ALD on collagen membrane from a Titanium alkylamide precursor" by Christos G. Takoudis, Arghya K Bishal, Cortino Sukotjo featured as Editor's Pick in JVST

2/08 - Yawen Ni, Tao Teng, Runting Li, Agnes Simonyi, Grace Y. Sun, James C. Lee, publish "TNFα alters occludin and cerebral endothelial permeability: Role of p38MAPK" in PLOS ONE

1/25 - Divinefavor Osinloye of Dr Shokuhfar Lab receives Cato T. Laurencin Travel Fellowship Award

1/10 - Megan Rexius of Dr Eddington's Lab receives American Physiological Society Endocrinology & Metabolism Research Recognition Award

12/2 - Taneka Taylor Jones of Dr Satish Alapati Lab receives Provost & Deiss Award for project "Synthesis of a 3D Printed Bioink for Dental Pulp Regeneration"

11/18 - UIC NEWS: Miss Chicago Chinatown uses platform to promote girls in STEM

11/17 - Pritesh Parmar of Dr James Patton Lab receives NIH Fellowship for project "Enhancing acquisition of novel motor skills using the optimal error-feedback for robot-assisted stroke rehabilitation"

11/15 - Ahmed Metwally co-advised by Dr Dai and Dr Perkins was elected as Student Representative of IEEE EMBS (Terms Ends 2018)

11/10 - Publication by Andreas Linninger and lab entitled "Hydrocephalus: the role of cerebral aquaporin-4 channels and computational modeling considerations of cerebrospinal fluid", featured on cover of the September 2016 issue of Journal of Neurosurgical Focus.

11/4 - Susan Crimmin and Dr Eddington appointed three year term to SLAS Americas Council

10/24 - Meagan Ouy of Dr Shokuhfar lab receives Honors College Undergraduate Conference Travel Grant

10/18 - Prof. Mathew T. Mathew receives new NIH Grant: Corrosion Induced Hip Implant Failure: Synergistic Interactions of Patient, Material, Design, and Surgical Factors

10/17 - BMES students Omar Maldonado and Mohiuddin Ahmed win 3rd place in AMITA Health Design Challenge in Arlington Heights..Read More..

9/22 - A 2002 PhD graduate won the Pioneers of Miniaturization Prize which is given every year at microTAS ..Read More..

9/14 - Superhydrophobic Coatings with Edible Materials - Khetani Lab

9/7 - BIOE's Dr. Tolou Shokuhfar (PI) and MIE's Dr. Constantine Megaridis (Co I) received 3-year $164k grant from NCSU Nonwovens Institute for “Bacteria-Surface Adhesion Interactions: New Perspectives in Antifouling Surface Design”

9/1 - 50 Years of Excellence in Research in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Illinois at Chicago ..Read More..

9/1 - David Banner from Dr. Tolou Shokuhfar's lab received the M&M student award of $1000 from the Microscopy and Microanalysis Society for his work entitled : "Synthesis and Characterization of Paramagnetic Iron Nanoparticles with Minimal Gold Coating for Optimal Drug Delivery"

8/26Mrignayani Kotecha explores Knee Cartilage Repair

7/20Dr. Alex Leow, associate professor of psychiatry and bioengineering at UIC, is quoted in an article in The Daily Dot on the use of smartphone apps to help track mood disorders. Leow is team leader for BiAffect, a study that uses a smartphone’s keyboard to track and predict mood episodes in bipolar disorder. Read the article here

7/19 – Reza Ghodsi from Dr. Tolou Shokuhfar’s lab was awarded the prestigious IAB 2016 Technical Merit award from the Nonwoven Institute

7/18 – Hinsdale District 86 students go off campus for real research experience ..Read More..

7/14 – Bioengineering and Electrical & Computer Engineering Professor Michael Stroscio receives UIC Award for Excellence in Teaching (AET) for the 2016-17 academic year

7/10 – 50 Years of Excellence in Research in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Illinois at Chicago ..Read More..

7/4 – Proposed ASTM Standard Will Help Repair Knee Cartilage ..Read More..

6/29 - Altaf Khan of AVL and Dr Li of RRC visit coil-building workshop at The National MagLab site at the McKnight Brain Institute

6/21 - David Eddington & UW-Madison collaborator David Baum share $300k NSF grant for "EAGER Collaborative Proposal: A microfluidic platform for the discovery of new, life-like chemical systems"

6/20 - Daniela Valdez-Jasso receives American Heart Association $228k 3-year grant for "Ventriculo-vascular coupling in PAH: Significance of large-vessel remodeling on cardiac and pulmonary vascular function."

6/13 - Dr. O'Neill ,Dr. Penn & students M. Werner and J. Thomas, publish featured article in the June 15th edition of Quantitative Imaging for Medicine and Surgery

6/13 - Dr. Shokhufar's and her post doc Dr. Emre Firlar's proposal "Revealing the Evolution of Iron Oxide Crystal Structures in Ferritin Proteins Encapsulated in Graphene via EFTEM and XEDS” accepted in CNM Argonne

6/13 - Engineering World Health (EWH) project working in Rwanda, Africa

5/10 - Miiri Kotche recipient of the 2016 Associate for Women in Science (AWIS) Chicago Area Chapter “Motivator of the Year” Award

4/29 - Designing a laminar flow hood for a pediatric hospital in Vietnam project of EWH won a $5000 cash price at the Maurice Prize competition

4/25 - Tongue-Computer Interface project of BMES accepted for presentation at the Student Design Competition at the ASAIO 62nd Annual Conference

4/22 - Bioinformatics student Ahmed Metwally, won 1st place in 2016 Student Research Forum.

4/20 - Dr.Tolou Shokuhfar and her post doc Dr. Emre Firlar received new CBC Postdoctoral Research Grant Program funding of $15k

4/19 - Bioengineering on UIC news East meets West

1/25 - Dr. Jose Oberholzer's research published in Nature Magizine

1/19 - Biomedical Engineer career Chicago's blank 10 most in-demand job of 2016

1/14 - Graduate Level Textbook authored by Dr. Jie Liang and Dr. Bhaskar DasGupta

11/25 - Metwally Ahmed wins Fall 2015 Chancellor's Award.

11/9 - Tolou Shokuhfar recipient of TMS Young Leader Award.

11/4 - Robot can help predict patients’ actions, counteract physical limitations

10/19 - Justin Horowitz and James Patton,are cited in an article in the online edition of the Smithsonian Magazine about their research.

9/28 - Dr.Jose Oberholzer with on a new 5-year NIH R25 grant entitled "TRAINING INTERDISCIPLINARY SCIENTISTS FOR FUNCTIONAL CURE OF DIABETES" for $540,000.

9/28 -Allen Ye's Brain Visualization in the CAVE2 (TM) picture listed among finalists for 2015 Image of Research Contest.

9/14 - Sathees Kannan Selvaraj et al, from Dr.Chrisblankher Takoudis Lab publication in Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology listed in Most Read Atomic Layer Deposition Articles Published 2014.

7/14 - Goldwater scholar Tiana Wong creates tools to solve health problems.

6/29 - Dr. Urmila Diwekar is the recipient of the 2015 Energy and Sustainability Award.

5/21 - Natalia Lyda featured on PolvisionNEWS for her Engineering EXPO project.

5/13 - UIC Bioengineering students make a helping hand.

4/21 - Vidyani Suryadevara wins Spring 15 Provost Deiss Award for her project titled 'Imaging techniques (MRI) and nanomedicine for the diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary fibrosis."

4/21 - Michael Mkrtschjan wins Spring 15 Provost Deiss Award for his project titled 'Training in Micromagnet Fabrication for use in Cardiomyocyte Mechanical load studies."

4/09 - Vidyani Suryadevara wins UIC Chancellor's Student Service Award.

2/04 - Solving real-world medical problems in the Interdisciplinary Product Development course.

12/04 - Chicago-based alternative band Wilco donates a percentage of proceeds to EWH.

11/18 - Jacek Lechowicz of Linninger's lab wins Provost's & Deiss Award for his project on 'Microfluid Platform for the Study of Cellular and Molecular Water Transport in the Central Nervous System."

11/05 - Chrisblankher Knowlton wins UIC moving image category in 2014 Image of Research contest.

10/29 -Computer & Chemical Engineering Best Paper of the Year 2013 Trash.BIOEAIChE1 award goes to Andrej Mosat, Eric Lueshen, Martina Heitzig, Cierra Hall, Andreas Linninger, Gurkan Sin, and Rafiqul Gani for 'First Principles Pharmacokinetic Modeling: A Quantitative Study on Cyclosporin, 'Computers & Chemical Engineering 54: 97-110, 2013'.

10/16 - Jose Oberholzer with two new grants as PI (Multicomponent microcapsules for allogeneic islet transplantation in a comprehensive, preclinical non-human primate model) for $385,000 and Co-PI (Advanced Biomaterials and delivery systems for Islet Encapsulation) for $1,969,500.

8/8 - GA Mansoori is appointed to the editorial board of Journal of Life Science Engineering.

7/30 - Thomas Royston receives NIH Award at Edward C. Nagy New Investigator Symposium.

6/4 - Hananeh Esmailbeigi and Valerie Dobiesz receive UIC Chancellor's Discovery Fund for $40,000.

6/4 - Dieter Klatt and Orly Lazarov receive UIC Chancellor's Discovery Fund for $40,000.

5/21 - Richard Magin and Carson Ingo featured on National High Magnetic Field Lab

5/7 - Bioengineering's EXPO winning team featured on Univision Chicago

5/6 - Andreas Linninger new $300k NSF grant for Intrathecal magnetic drug targeting.

4/30 - GA Mansoori joins Editorial Boards of Advances in Biomedical Science & Engineering Journal and Journal of Biotechnology and Bioengineering

4/29 - BML's Carlos Ng receives Abraham Lincoln Fellowship award

4/11 - Drs Kotche(PI), Hetling(Co-I) new NIH R25 grant Translational Design of Medical Devices

4/9 - Kirti Yenkie of Diwekar Lab wins Women & Gender Res. award at 2014 UIC Res. Forum

3/26 - Farah Shareef of Michael Cho Lab, wins the FMC Technologies Fellowship

1/15 - Carson Ingo's paper on cover of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 71(2), Feb. 2014

12/5 - Amit Paul wins gold medal from College of Medicine 2013 Research Forum.

12/3 - Perlina Fortinberry & Indu Venugopal win 2013 Provost's & Deiss Research Award.

11/26 - Farah Shareef & Taneka Jones of Cho Lab win 2013 Chancellor's Grad Research Fellowship.

11/14 - CNN Money: Best Jobs In America - 1. Biomedical Engineer

11/12 - Andreas Linninger elected Director of the AiChE CAST Division for 3 year term.

10/23 - Jie Liang's NIH R01 grant Computational Assembly of Beta Barrel Membrane Protein renewed.

10/21 - Jie Liang et. at. awareded grant from Chicago Biomedical Consortium.

10/7 - Co-author Yang Dai's paper MicroRNA-7 targets... most cited by 2012 Journal Citation Reports.

9/25 - UIC News: Early diagnostic tool for glaucoma to prevent blindness.

9/24 - UIC News: Applying quantum dots to cure, diagnose disease.

9/17 - Jun Cheng receives Discovery Fund for Multidisciplinary Research 2013.

9/16 - Andreas Linninger and David Eddington win OVCR Ignite Awards for their projects.

9/3 - John Hetling gets POC Award for Detecting Glaucoma where it Starts project.

8/16 - Grant Hartung advised by G.A. Mansoori wins best poster.

6/19 - Thomas Royston featured in UI College of Medicine News.

6/18 - Michael Stroscio of ECE and BIOE 2013 UIC Distinguished Professor.

6/3 - GA Mansoori on Editorial Board of Journal of Technology Innovations in Renewable Energy.

5/13 - Jun Cheng receives Chancellor's Discovery Fund for Multidisciplinary Research.

5/3 - Allen Ye chosen as a PECTS Fellow.

5/1 - Carson Ingo awarded Whitaker Scholar Grant to be postdoc at Leiden University, Netherlands.

4/23 - Nikhil Bommakanti receives Goldwater Scholarship for academic year 2013-14.

4/22 - David Eddington will join Technical Program Committee for microTAS 2013.

4/21 - BML's Laura Jane Elgass receives Provost's & Deiss Awards for Graduate Research.

4/16 - Hugo Caisedo participates as a Scholar in the 2013-2014 SMDP Biotech.

4/15 - Encouraging others to beat the odds - Jaimie Stewart Story.

4/11 - Dave Eddington joins Editorial Board of PLOS ONE Journal.

4/9 - Vishal K. Varma will be inducted as a member of the Activities Honor Society.

4/8 - SPIE Journal of Nanophotonics reviews Diamondoid Molecules book by GA Mansoori.

3/19 - GA Mansoori joins Editorial Board of Journal of Bioanalysis & Biomedicine March 2013.

3/6 - Michael Cho receive $1M grant from ONR for Microcavitation & Traumatic Brain Injury.

3/4 - Hetling Lab member Amani Al-Tarouti named Vesalian Scholar for Electroretinogram project.

3/3 - Physics Today reviews Diamondoid Molecules book by Prof. GA Mansoori.

3/2 - David Eddington et al. funded for Precise Oxygen Landscapes for Cells and Tissues in Culture.

3/1 - Jie Liang receives COM's Faculty of The Year Award.

2/25 - Andreas Linninger helps to create Future science: Using 3D worlds to visualize data.

2/18 - Congrats to Prof. GA Mansoori for new patent on large-scale production of silver nanoparticles.

1/28 - Terry Layton panel member for Institute of Circulatory and Respiratory Health (ICRH).

1/25 - Andreas Linninger receives $70k NSF grant for EAGER project.

1/24 - David Eddington guest editor for Lab on a Chip.

1/23 - G. Ali Mansoori et al published a new book on Diamondoid Molecules.

1/11 - Andreas Linninger solves vexing problems of brain in EVL's new CAVE2.

1/7 - Christos Takoudis keynote speaker at Future Convergence Technology Forum & Exhibition 2012.

1/02 - Terry Layton ind. rep: FDA Neurological Devices & Kentucky Science & Technology Panels

12/13 - Jun Cheng and Dieter Klatt win Campus Research Board awards of $20k

12/7 - David Pepperberg tells Chicago Tribune future of restoring vision; article by Lan Yue et at

12/6 - Gerardo Mauleon of BML wins Fall '12 Chancellor's Graduate Research Fellowship

11/29 - Amit Paul Amit Paul of Cho Lab wins Gold Medal at 2012 UIC COM Research Forum.

11/28 - MRI system a powerful tool for bioengineering research

11/14 - Engineering a Photo-Switch for Nerve Cells in the Eye and Brain by Lan Yue et al

11/13 - BML's Megan Rexius wins Pre-doctoral Support for Translational Research Program Award

10/17 - Amelia Zellander in Dr. Cho's lab wins NSF travel award to attend ASME 2012

10/15 - How Bioe Student Catherine Santis' Student Debt Disappeared

10/13 - Amit Paul in Dr. Cho's lab receives Tony B. Academic Travel Award from SLAS

10/12 - Chrisblankher Knowlton one of 12 finalists in Science Magazine's 2012 Dance your PhD contest

10/10 - James Patton receives $5M for 5-year MARS-RERC Center for Rehabilitation Robotics

10/8 - Jie Liang receives $93K supp. for Computational Assembly of Beta Barrel Membrane Protein

8/28 - Melissa Wardlow advised by Michael Cho receives Chancellor's Undergraduate Research Award

8/27 - Laura Jane Elgass & Yazan Abdel Majeed win Outstanding TA Award for Spring '12

7/2 - Michael Cho receives University Scholar Award for AY12-13

6/7 - UIC Ranked 11th of World's Best Young Universities

5/25 - David Eddington Co-I on 2012 Pfizer ARTS Competition grant

5/17 - Terry Layton Industry rep; FDA Gastroenterology & Urology Devices Panel on Obesity Devices

5/8 - Ying Hsu wins in category from Mimics InnovationAwards 2012

5/7 - Nick Anderson and Sasidhar Madugula win Whitaker Undergraduate Program travel award

5/2 - Hugo Caicedo distinguished Ph.D speaker at Global Healthcare Challenges, Turkey 2012

5/1 - Arman Butt receives 2012 IADR PG Student Research Fellowship

5/1 - Lara Ansari wins Best Student Paper Award of UBSJ Spring 2012 issue

4/23 - Apparatus & Methods for Mapping Retinal Function patent in Scientific American article

4/4 - Miiri Kotche & John Hetling win CETL’s Award for Curriculum and Instruction Enhancements

4/3 - Ian Gould wins Image of Research 2012

4/2 - Andreas Linninger's funding for RET program extended $500k over three years

3/30 - Hugo Caicedo wins fellowship for the 2012 NSF Summer Institute on Materiomics at MIT

3/28 - Bioe students from team EDT, win at robot demolition match

3/16 - Bioe students win Blank Poster at 2012 CAURS

3/5 - LPPD students win awards at 2012 Spring Symposium & student research conf. in STEM

2/21 - John Hetling receives patent for Apparatus and Methods for Mapping Retinal Function

2/20 - Adjunct Professor Daniel Corcos in News for groundbreaking research on Parkinson's

2/7 - Christos Takoudis receives ANL grant for Nanoneuronics

2/2 - Chi Bang and Brian Kunzer win the Outstanding TA Award for Fall 2011

1/17 - Terry Layton, industry representative for Gastroenterology and Urology Devices Panel Meeting

12/30 - W. Pietrzak's 2010 Bioe Senior Design paper published in Cell and Tissue Banking

11/22 - Farnaz Abdollahi of Patton Lab receives Fall 2011 Chancellor's Graduate Research Fellowship

11/22 - Damian Roqueiro of Dai Lab receives Fall 2011 Chancellor's Graduate Research Fellowship

11/21 - Kathleen Broughton for receiving the Fall 2011 Provost's and Deiss Award

11/20 - C. Takoudis $.5M NSF grant on next-generation fuel cells in recent Scientific American article

11/15 - Terry Layton panel member for Commercialization and Matching Fund of KSTC

11/14 - S. Hong and D. Eddington's collaboration is reviewed by F1000

10/31 - S. Hong and D. Eddington's collaboration is editors' "Hot Paper" in Angewandte Chemie

10/27 - Urmila Diwekar First Woman Awarded the Lawrence K. Cecil Award from BIOEAIChE1

10/21 - Damian Roqueiro receives 2011 IEEE BIBM travel award for BIBM conference in Atlanta

9/16 - Terry Layton, Member Expert Panel, Network of Centres of Excellence of Canada

9/07 - 8th grader inspired by Prof Mansoori's book to do Science Fair project on Cancer Nanotech.

8/26 - Joseph Kanikunnel receives Chancellor's Undergraduate Research Award

8/05 - Urmila Diwekar receives 2011 Ernest Thiele Award of the AICHE Chicago Section

6/28 - John Hetling receives 2011 UIC Award for Excellence in Teaching (AET)

6/27 - John Hetling receives 2011 COE Harold Simon Teaching Award

6/10 - Christos Takoudis' new grant to produce Cooler, Smaller, Fuel Cells

5/31 - 2011 Neuroengineering Symposium to be Hosted by Beckman Institute

5/25 - Urmila Diwekar receives 2011 Lawrence K. Cecil Award from BIOEAIChE1

5/18 - Carson Ingo awarded fellowship to attend BIOC2011 in Istanbul, Turkey

5/09 - Hugo Caicedo awarded fellowship to attend BIOC2011 in Istanbul, Turkey

5/06 - IEEE Career Focus: Biomedical Engineering - number one job for upcoming decade!

5/03 - Bioe student, Carlos Ng Pitti, receives S.E.E Scholarship through OVCSA

4/27 - G Ali Mansoori's Principles of Nanotechnology recongnized as "bestseller" textbook!

4/26 - Bhaskar Das Gupta, PI, and Jie Liang receive $408k NSF grant for bioinformatics project

4/21 - Hibo Mohamed, Bioe Ph.D. student, receives the Abraham Lincoln Fellowship

4/20 - Hugo Caicedo, Bioe Ph.D. Student, receives the Chancellor's Graduate Research Fellowship

4/15 - Dr Eddington speaking at the CBC Science Day on his recent LEVER award

4/14 - John Hetling receives College of Engineering's Harold Simon Award for Excellence in Teaching

4/11 - Terry Layton receives 2011 Silver Circle Awards for Teaching Excellence

4/05 - Bioe students take blank spots at 2011 CAURS, MBECC, & NEBEC

2/10 - Sagar Nadimpali & Sumaira Yahya receive UIAA 2011 Student Leadership Award!

1/13 - David Eddington & Seungpyo Hong's recent paper highlight by C&EN

12/15 - G Ali Mansoori on editorial board of GJPE and nanotech of Insciences Journal 1

2/14 - G Ali Mansoori honorary-EIC of IJNN and on editorial board of SOCAR Institute

12/08 - Andreas Linninger appointed editor on Process Systems Engineering for int'l CheRD Journal

11/23 - Joel Fontanarosa of LCFG wins first place at COM Research 2010 Poster Competition

11/22 - LPPD members receive CAST Directors Award honorable mention at BIOEAIChE1 Annual Meeting

11/02 - Brian Sweetman of LPPD awarded Chancellor's Supplemental Grad Research Fellowship

11/01 - Richard Magin's Fractional kinetics in multi-compartmental systems published in JPP

10/29 - Michael Cho elected to the College of Fellows of AIMBE

10/20 - Oleksiy Karpenko of LCFG receive travel award to attend a PASI conference in Chile

10/06 - Ali Mansoori presents at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology on Nanotech & Nanobiotech

10/05 - Ali Mansoori presents at Indiana State University on Nanotech & Nanobiotech

10/04 - Last year's Senior Design Project to be presented at 2011 ORS Annual Meeting

9/27 - David Eddington receives $936k portion of Chicago Biomedical Consortium Lever Award

9/24 - David Eddington receives $337k portion of NIH CCNE Award (U54)

8/18 - BML has two papers in a special 'Emerging Invesitigators' issue of Lab on a Chip

8/12 - Thomas Royston w/Co-I's at Rush University receive $1.3M for Audible Human Project

8/06 - Richard Magin receives honorary title of UIC Distinguished Professor beginning AY 2010-2011

7/15 - Michael Cho awarded $146k from Office of Naval Research

6/28 - Chris Fall awarded $435k from National Institute of Mental Health

6/18 - Jie Liang receives University Scholar Award for Academic Year 2010-2011

6/16 - Bioengineering welcomes new DGS Dr. Andreas Linninger and Associate DGS Dr.Yang Dai

6/03 - Yang Dai awarded Chancellor's Discovery Fund for Multidisciplinary Research for Spring 2010

5/18 - Andreas Linninger awarded $423k from National Institute of Neurological Disorders & Stroke

5/03 - Amelia Zellander of advisor Michael Cho receives Abraham Lincoln Fellowship - 2nd round

5/02 - Percival D. Mc Cormack honored at Trinity College Scholars of the Decades