Contact Information:
UIC Bioengineering (MC 563) 820 S Wood St, W103 CSN Chicago, IL 60612
Office: CSN 164C
Lab Website: Laboratory of Computational Proteomics

Research: Computational proteomics is the genome-scale modeling of protein structure, dynamics, and function. While experimental methods are still the best way to determine a protein’s structure and function, the time and money spent is substantial enough to encourage computer-based solutions. Indeed, computational proteomics involves all current aspects of research into protein structure and function including: molecular dynamics, ab initio folding, machine-learning based fold recognition, protein-protein interaction, and theoretical modeling of protein mechanics. Currently Dr. Hui Lu’s lab collaborate with Julio M. Fernandez’s group from Columbia Universtiy and Klaus Schulten’s group from UIUC on force-induced protein reconfiguration. Other collaborations are with Mike Johnson on Drug design and with Yang Dai on kernal-based protein structure prediction.