Annual PhD Evaluation

Each year starting in year 2, the student meets and presents progress and plans to their PhD committee.

Ideally, the committee should remain the same throughout the program. Specific requirements for the committee include:

  • at least two core UIC Bioengineering faculty (defined as tenured or tenure track faculty with a 50% or greater appointment in the UIC Bioengineering department)
  • at least one additional UIC College of Engineering faculty (can be UIC Bioengineering)
  • at least one member must come from outside the UIC Bioengineering department
  • at least three members must be full members of the UIC Graduate College
  • at least two members must be tenured faculty
  • the chairperson of the committee must have full membership in the UIC Graduate College (but does not necessarily need to be tenured)

1. Student Self-Assessment Form

The completed Student Self-Assessment Form should be sent to the committee prior to the annual meeting. This form provides students the opportunity to highlight their progress over the previous year toward coursework completion, research activities, and thesis preparation, as well as recent and upcoming professional activities. Not all items on the assessment form will apply to all students.

2. Annual PhD Committee Meeting

The student will schedule a meeting with the advisor and committee during each academic year starting in the student’s second year (no meeting in year 1). Preferably all members of the committee will be in attendance, but at least two members, in addition to the advisor, must be present. The advisor and committee are given the Student Self-Assessment Form; in addition to an oral presentation, and/or a written progress report to be presented at the annual meeting. This presentation should include the student’s progress over the past year and plans for the following year.

3. Committee Assessment Form

Following the meeting, the committee will fill out the Committee Assessment Form.

4. Student Presented with Assessment

Students will read and sign the Committee Assessment Form. The signature verifies that the student has read the forms, and does not necessarily indicate agreement with the content. Students have the option to discuss the assessment with the director of graduate studies (DGS), associate DGS, or department head; and/or students may formally respond to the assessment in writing.

After all signatures are gathered, the Student Self-Assessment Form and the Committee Assessment Form are emailed to