Graduate Student Profiles

Grace Brown

student Grace Brown

PhD in Bioengineering ’21
Orland Park, IL

Research focus: Liver tissue engineering

Contribution to the field: I hope that my research broadens our understanding of basic liver biology. I also aim to improve human in vitro platforms for drug-induced liver injury to eliminate toxic compounds early in the drug development pipeline, before clinical trials.

Why UIC? I chose UIC BioE because of the awesome research opportunities provided by being associated with a top hospital system. They also provide great support for students in the College of Engineering.

Career edge: UIC constantly has individuals from different industries visiting, which further allows students to determine their optimal employment after graduation.

Favorite place in Chicago: The Riverwalk.

Lara Nammari


MS in Bioengineering
Chicago Suburbs

Why UIC? I chose UIC Bioengineering because of the many research opportunities available to students and the close ties the department has with the College of Medicine, which allows for collaborative projects.

Academic area of focus: Biomedical Imaging

Research project: I am currently working in the Medical Accelerator for Devices Laboratory (MADLab) in an interdisciplinary team across medical, computer science, business and industrial design specialties. We’re creating a continuous EEG monitoring system for traumatic brain injury patients to predict when cerebral herniation will occur.

Favorite place in Chicago: West Loop

Hammad Farooq


PhD in Bioinformatics ’24

Why did you choose UIC? UIC is good for interdisciplinary degree programs with wide research collaboration between different departments/labs.

How (and why) did you choose your faculty advisor? I wanted an opportunity to work with someone who is doing theoretical research and algorithmic development for solving complex biological problem.

How do you hope your research will create positive change in the world? The experimental techniques to study biological system is very cumbersome and expensive in terms of time and money. The development of computational methods to study biological system are augmenting the current studies.

Shujun Lin


PhD in Bioengineering ’23
People’s Republic of China

What is your academic area of focus within your department? Biomedical Imaging

How do you hope your research will create positive change in the world? I hope the new non-invasive technique (DTI-MRE) would be applied on diagnosing disease in various organs and fasten the acceptance of MRI in the world.

How did you choose your faculty advisor? Dr. Dieter Klatt is an outstanding professor in the field of magnetic resonance elastography (MRE). One of his current research projects is the development of simultaneous acquisition of DTI and MRE, which has a great potential in helping patients.

What do you suggest a newcomer to Chicago see or do if they’ve already seen Navy Pier, the Riverwalk, and Skydeck? The Tribune Tower has stones on the outer walls. The stones are from everywhere in the world, which is fun to explore.