Purchasing and Reimbursements

Important notice: Effective January 1, 2018, only travel reimbursements are allowed. Laboratory and miscellaneous purchases must be made via iBuy or P-Card, or with prior permission of the department. Please email bioepay@uic.edu prior to any purchase to avoid non-compliance and reimbursement rejection. Learn more about this policy.


You must email bioepay@uic.edu before making your first purchase or if you are uncertain about a purchase.


T-Card Procedures

Restricted T-Card Purchases: Travel Cards may be used for the following items if appropriate funding is available and the purchase conforms to university policies.

Prohibited T-Card Purchases: Administrative controls and/or legal requirements place limitations on the use of the Travel Card.

P-Card Procedures

Restricted P-Card Purchases – Purchasing Cards can be used for the following items when corresponding requirements are met and appropriate funding is available.

Prohibited P-Card Purchases – Purchasing Cards may not be used for the following items.

Software/Electronic Services Purchases

Software purchases must have pre-approval from the department, so please email bioepay@uic.edu to begin. Most commonly used software is available at the UofI Webstore (http://webstore.illinois.edu/). Note: Webstore purchases do not require pre-approval, however, P-Cards are NOT allowed on Webstore; email bioepay@uic.edu if you have trouble making a purchase.

Amazon Business Account

Learn how to participate in UIC’s Amazon Business Account.