* Reimbursements are no longer allowed, all purchases must be handled through the department, see Budget & Purchasing Supplies below.

All Bioengineering undergradudate students must take the two-semester Senior Design course sequence, BIOE 396/397, toward the end of their curriculum. These courses are intended to give students experience managing a project from start to finish, and applying their course knowledge to real-life design challenges. Specific course objectives include: system or component design, applying standard engineering practices, project management skills, teamwork, and both written and oral communication skills.

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29TH ANNUAL ENGINEERING EXPO Friday April 27, 2018 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM UIC Forum 725 W Roosevelt Rd. Chicago, IL 60652



Although most projects are already pre-arranged, occasionally students take initiative and identify their own project and/or sponsor.  The main requirement for a project is to be design-oriented, well-defined, and achievable within an academic year. The importance of the design requirement needs to be stressed since this comes directly from the organization that accredits the Bioe program. Although pure hypothesis driven research does not qualify as design, it may be possible to cast a more traditional research project in design terms. Projects in which students serve as technicians or simply realize a recipe for a solution are not appropriate.

If you would like to propose a project, please email Terry Layton tnl@uic.edu and include a Project Title, Sponsor Info, and complete description.


There are many resources available, to develop a prototype or proof of concept, through your project’s sponsor and Bioe department. Your team will be responsible to research your idea, manage your time, utilize available resources, and bring your project into a presentable concept. Materials can be purchased online or at a local hardware store. (Note: See Budget & Purchasing Supplies section below for info on how to process your reimbursements. For ONLINE purchases, please use links below, build your cart and email to bioepay@uic.edu)

* Reimbursements are no longer allowed, all purchases must be handled through the department.

1. Group budget is announced at start of term. Department will assist in placing orders; a minimum of $35/per order is required; all orders will be shipped to department main office, SEO 218; you will be notified via email when ready for pickup.

2. Submit orders by emailing links/quantities, carts, or wishlists (directly from vendor websites) to bioepay@uic.edu (do not send screenprints or pictures, we need to be able to copy/paste). State group name and number in subject line. Amount will automatically be deducted from your budget.

3. Group budget is for project supplies and EXPO poster ONLY; food and meals are strictly prohibited.

4. Plan ahead and start ordering early, supplies will be delivered via economy (slowest/cheapest) shipping option. Expedited shipping will be selected on case by case basis as we get closer to expo.

Important: Department can only utilize vendors available in our PO system (iBuy) or our Amazon Business account, however, if an iBuy vendor has the item available within a comparable cost, we will order in iBuy. Questions or problems, please email bioepay@uic.edu

3) Build your project

Depending on your project, you may need access to facilities ranging in type from machine shops, C&T rooms, electronics labs, etc. Your sponsor will have more information on type of facility you will need for your project or you can visit one of two facilities listed below:


In April, you will present your project at the annual College of Engineering Senior Design competition called EXPO. Check out some of the strongest Bioengineering EXPO-winning teams.

UIC Engineering Expo 2017


**Orders MUST be submitted by Noon CST on 4/17/18. Each team can print ONE (1) poster. NO reimbursements will be provided for additional poster prints or missed deadline; your team will be responsible for the cost. ** Download our UIC Bioe poster template here, fill in the template and follow the instructions below to print your poster.

1. Use this link to place your order.


3. Choose PRODUCT – Select Paper Scientific Poster from drop down menu.

4. Choose PAPER TYPE – Select Glossy Paper Scientific Poster from drop down menu.

5. Choose SIZE – Select 48” x 36” from drop down menu (the drop down menu will only contain sizes that are proportional to the file size you uploaded).

6. SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS – Enter any special instructions you may have.

7. Click ADD TO CART.

8. You may check the “Send me a digital proof before printing” box (below the “check out with PayPal” button) if you would like to receive a proof before your poster is printed. Click CHECKOUT NOW.

9. If you already have an account, you may enter your email address/password and click LOG IN. If you do not have an account, simply enter your email address and click CHECKOUT AS GUEST.

10. SHIPPING: “My order is part of a group or I am picking up at a conference” will be pre-selected. “UIC Annual Engineering Expo” will also be pre-selected in the Group/Conference drop down menu.

11. Enter Password for Order Group: expo2018 and click CONTINUE TO ORDER DETAILS .

12. ORDER: Enter any special instructions you may have; enter contact information; check boxes that apply under “Other Information”. Click SUBMIT ORDER . (Our customer service representatives will process your order as soon as it is received and apply the purchase order on file for payment.)

LATE ORDERS: Orders submitted after the deadline WILL NOT be included in the group shipment being delivered to UIC. The cost of the poster will be covered by the UIC purchase order, however, any shipping costs and/or rush fees will be the responsibility of the student. Regular shipping charges will apply. Students who do not wish to pay for their poster to be shipped separately may pick it up at our office: MakeSigns (Graphicsland), 8061 186th Street, Tinley Park, IL 60487. Posters will be available for pickup and assembly at the UIC Engineering Makerspace located at 728 W. Roosevelt Rd between April 24-26. Posters will be available along with a cardboard backing and adhesive so that your team can put them together. Should you choose to print your poster elsewhere, your team will be responsible for the cost, NO reimbursements will be provided. Questions? Email bioepay@uic.edu .

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