IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON LATE ADVISING: If you fail to meet with your advisor during advising week then you will need to attend the late advising session, which will be held LONG AFTER registration has opened and many classes will have filled up by then. There will be no advising between advising week and the late advising session and the department will not accept advising forms during that time.

Advising Week Sign-ups (October 22-26, 2018)

Find your name and your assigned advisor on the bulletin board outside of SEO 218. Also, make a note of your advisor’s office room number.

Check the door of your advisor’s office for a sign-up sheet (or instructions) with 15-20 minute appointment slots during advising week. Write your full name in an available slot and make a note of that date/time in your own schedule.

NOTE: Advising forms will not be available until Advising Week.

Easy to follow instructions video

Advising Week (October 29-November 2, 2018)

Prior to your scheduled appointment, come to the Bioengineering office (SEO 218) and pick up the Faculty Advising Form from the counter. You are responsible for bringing your own DARS report and Curriculum Flowchart to the appointment; links below.

During your appointment, make sure that you and your advisor complete and sign the advising form. Make sure that all copies of your form are complete and legible. Otherwise, your advising hold cannot be removed. If you need to complete a Concentration Area Elective and/or Modification of Major form then this appointment would be a good time to go over it and obtain your advisor’s approval.

After your appointment, bring your Faculty Advising Form to the Bioengineering office (SEO 218). You keep the WHITE copy for your records and you leave the PINK/YELLOW copies in the basket located on the counter.

Advisor evaluations are conducted online. You will receive a link by e-mail to complete the online Advisor Evaluation Survey approximately 24-hours AFTER you have submitted your Faculty Advising Form. The survey takes less than 1 minute and the results are anonymous. A completed Faculty Advising Form and Advisor Evaluation Survey are required in order for your advising hold to be removed.

Print the appropriate curriculum flowchart from the Bioengineering undergraduate website.

Cross off any courses you have taken, and bring this copy with you to your advisor meeting.

Consult the courses being offered next semester by the Bioengineering department:

Consult your Concentration Area Elective Form, and plan ahead.

Plan your schedule ahead of your advising session through the “Plan Ahead” tool:

  1. Go to:
  2. Sign in with your NetID
  3. On the welcome page, click “XE Registration”
  4. Click the “Plan Ahead” tool
  5. Save a New Plan
  6. From here, you can add/drop courses into your schedule to make sure there are no time conflicts.

(Note: this is just a planner and does not sign you up for courses, you still need to sign up once registration opens)

Please allow 24 hours after you have submitted your survey for your advising hold to be removed. You MUST meet with an advisor and complete the advising paperwork before you will be allowed to register for the Spring 2019 term. Students who are intending to transfer programs must still meet with their advisor and complete an advising form. NO EXCEPTIONS!!


Courses – up to date course offering, course descriptions, and UIC schedule of classes

DARS – Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) Audit is an unofficial audit of progress toward the undergraduate student degree that reflects courses currently in progress.

Undergraduate Studies – undergraduate program details, including Curriculum Flowcharts, Degree Requirements, Concentration Areas, Special Programs, and Forms

my.UIC – comprehensive resource for Current Students, including Registration, Financial, Academic & Personal information