2/16 - Sarita Deshpande of Bioengineering Department named "Gates Cambridge Scholars"

2/16 - "MRI in Tissue Engineering" by Mrignayani Kotecha, Richard L. Magin and Jeremy J. Mao now available for download on Google Books

2/14 - Vidyani Suryadevara and Shreya Ghosh receive Fall 2016 Chancellor's Graduate Research Award

2/13 - Article "Room temperature TiO2 ALD on collagen membrane from a Titanium alkylamide precursor" by Christos G. Takoudis, Arghya K Bishal, Cortino Sukotjo featured as Editor's Pick in JVST

2/08 - Yawen Ni, Tao Teng, Runting Li, Agnes Simonyi, Grace Y. Sun, James C. Lee, publish "TNFα alters occludin and cerebral endothelial permeability: Role of p38MAPK" in PLOS ONE

1/25 - Divinefavor Osinloye of Dr Shokuhfar Lab receives Cato T. Laurencin Travel Fellowship Award

1/10 - Megan Rexius of Dr Eddington's Lab receives American Physiological Society Endocrinology & Metabolism Research Recognition Award

12/2 - Taneka Taylor Jones of Dr Satish Alapati Lab receives Provost & Deiss Award for project "Synthesis of a 3D Printed Bioink for Dental Pulp Regeneration"

11/18 - UIC NEWS: Miss Chicago Chinatown uses platform to promote girls in STEM

11/17 - Pritesh Parmar of Dr James Patton Lab receives NIH Fellowship for project "Enhancing acquisition of novel motor skills using the optimal error-feedback for robot-assisted stroke rehabilitation"

11/15 - Ahmed Metwally co-advised by Dr Dai and Dr Perkins was elected as Student Representative of IEEE EMBS (Terms Ends 2018)