2/19 - Salman Khetani with UIUC Greg Underhill receive $1.38M NIH R01 grant for "Elucidating chemo-mechanical determinants of human hepatocyte and stellate cell responses in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease" project.

2/12 - Tolou Shokuhfar co-author for "Sustained micellar delivery via inducible transitions in nanostructure morphology" in Nature Communications.

2/05 - Tolou Shokuhfar & Co-PI: Reza Shahbazian-Yassar (MIE), receive a $220K NSF grant for "EAGER: Touch and Kill: A New Mechanism for Engineered Nanomaterials to Fight Bacteria" project.

12/1 - Gamze Gursoy of Liang Lab, receives Annual Outstanding Thesis and Dissertation Award.
Shreyan Majumdar of Klatt Lab, receives Chancellor's Graduate Research Award.
Wei Tian of Liangr Lab, receives Provost/Deiss Award.

9/15 - Professor Urmila Diwekar, speaker at the Symposium on Global Sustainability at Academy of Hungary in Rome on September 19, 2017.

9/14 - Professor Urmila Diwekar, keynote speaker at 5th International summit on Medical Biology & Bioengineering, September 27-28, 2017 Chicago, USA.

9/11 - Shresta Patangay of Hetling Lab, honorable mention at 2017 Image Of Research Competition.

8/30 - Professor Andreas Linninger receives $297k 3-year NSF grant for “Computational platform for predictive magnetohydrodynamic drug targeting”.

8/29 - Professor Tolou Shokuhfar receives $390k 3-year NSF Award for “Fundamental Understanding of Growth and Inhibition of Calcium Oxalate Kidney Stones”.

8/24 - Professor Salman Khetani receives $300k over a 3-year period NSF grant for “Collaborative Research: High-throughput microliver platform for drug toxicity screening”. This is a collaborative grant with Assistant Professor David Wood of the University of Minnesota Department of Biomedical Engineering.

8/23 - Professor Jie Liang and Co-I Amy Kenter, PhD of the UIC Department of Microbiology and Immunology in the UIC College of Medicine, receive $420k 2-year NIH R21 grant for “Constructing Ensembles of 3D Structures of Igh Locus and Predicting Novel Chromosomal Interactions.”

8/04 - Professor Andreas Linninger and Co-PI Ali Alaraj, MD of the UIC Department of Neurosurgery, receive $420k 2-year NIH R21 grant for “A vascular tree topology inspired platform to compute intracranial blood flow (tree CFD).”